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Deep Purple Cats Eye 8mm beads w/Filigree Crucifix
S $12.99
Black Resin 10mm beads Approx.. 27" Long - Large crucifix
S $9.99

Deep cobalt Blue 8mm beads Czech Druk glass w/accents
S $12.99
Franciscan Crown Rosary 10mm wood beads . pic

Green 6mm druk beads w/8mm capped Swarovski crystals
#22 S $12.99
Brazilian wood 10mm beads, color center, wire wrapped
#49 SP $14.99

Corded Ladder Rosary
Mahogany 10mm wood beads 29".
C $25.99 d9
Silver 8mm AB Hearts w/Tibet silver connectors
#54 SP $12.99

Faux Pearl 8mm beads, silver capped Paters
#34 SP $12.99

Clear Jablonex Crystal 10mm beads, capped Pater's Large
#65 SP $24.99

Lt. Sapphire Jablonex Crystal 8mm beads
#56 SP $35.99
7Sorrows/Servite Rosary -

Full 20 Decade Rosary 6mm sesame jasper with onyx Pater's as described.

12mm Brazilian wood beads nearly 24" long. Large center and Crucifix

Connemara Marble 8mm beads 19g wire & rings. Nice weight!

8mm Acrylic pink hearts Center and Crucifix will vary.
#102 SP $7.99

9mm acrylic beads
Center and Crucifix will vary.
#101 $8.99

Full 20 Decade Rosary 6mm Multicolor Swarovski beads - 54"!!
SP $149.00

8mm green glass drawbridge beads
pic1 2
#114 SP $19.99
Full 20 decade Rosary Mix of 8mm black Czech glass and Onyx pic1
#115 SP $159.00

Onyx/Hematite Rosary as described. Special Order pic 1
SP $44.99

Blue Drawbench 8mm beads, wire wrapped Pater'spic
#128 SP $24.99

8mm faux Mother of Pearl beads w/12-14mm quartz nugget Pater's. pic
#130 $19.99
Silver Glass Pearls & capped Hematite's w/Pardon Crucifix Pic1 2
#133 $21.99

Onyx & Cultured Pearls pic1 2
#134 SP $45.99
Sliding Ladder Rosary as described in pic. pic
d27 $24.99

8mm beads as described in picture.
SP $49.00
Crystal and Pearl Rosary. pic
SP $35.00
Servite Chaplet as described in picture.
SP $20.00
Job's Tears Servite Chaplet .
SP $35.00
Servite Chaplet as described in picture.
SP $20.00
10mm Ivory glass pearls per description in pic. pic
#10i SP $35.00
Alternate 8 &10mm Onyx and white glass pearls .
SP $35.00 pic
15 Decade Dominican Rosary
Pearls and Onyx pic1 2
#15d SP $90.00
Glass Pearls Ferula
Raspberry & White pearls
#148 SP $35.00

Red Crackle Beads
per description on pic
#150 SP $35.00

Cracked faux Turquoise and Onyx per description. pic
#151 SP $35.00
Chocolate Miracle Beads
"DO NOT EAT"! :)
#152 SP $45.00
Silver & Rasperry per pic
Onyx Pater's pic
#149 SP $35.00
Red Crackle beads per description #161
8mm Blue, white & silver glass pearls
#158 pic
8mm Gold Filigree, Etc.
10mm Ivory beads
10mm yellow/red crackle beads
Red & white pattern in 8mm beads pic
8mm green hand blown Indian beads. pic
Heavy 10mm hematite beads pic
Per Description
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#190 pic
Per Description
#191 pic
Per Description
#192 pic1 2
Per Description
#193 pic1 2
Family Generation Rosary
#198 pic1 2 3 4
Per Description
#200 pic
Per Description
#195 pic1 2
Per Description
#199 pic1 2
Per Description
Pocket Decade pic1 2
Per Description
#219 pic 1
Per Description
pic 1
Per Description
Pic1 2
Medjugorje Chaplet
see description for details pic
Franciscan Crown Rosary
100 Orthodox Chotki
see description for details pic
50 bead Chotki
see description for details pic
Black wire Rosary
see description for details pic
Belt Loop Repeating Ladder Rosary
per description pic
Western Chotki's per description pic Western Chotki per description pic
20 Decade Plain Rosary
description on image
15 Decade Olive Wood Rosary per description
50 bead Chotki's per description on image Blue Quartz Pirate per description pic
Franciscan Crown/7Joys of Mary - description on image pic

20 Bead Sodalite Chotki per description

Custom Hematite per description on image pic

St. Therese Sacrifice Bracelet Medal/cross upon request. #b78

Stretchy Links Rosary Bracelet Tibetan silver and 5mm wood beads #b45
SP $14.99

Hematite Pharoah's Ring
9#r17 Pic1 2 3
SP $24.9

3 Piece Cultured Pearl Set as described in picture. #s11 pic
SP $65.99
Stretch Wood Snap Bracelet



















































































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Other Items FAQS Design Ideas

Design Ideas for Your Consideration

These designs may give you some ideas on what you might like me to make up for you. Please feel free to discuss your preferences, favorite colors, patron saints or what have you. I will let you know if I have all the exact parts or discuss alternatives that are in keeping with the original design. Prices are included to give you an idea of what you might expect to pay for these designs. Please keep in mind the many considerations in construction such as wire strength, metals used, chain, jump rings, Crucifixes, center pieces and any additional medals. Consider too the detail in the findings. For example a czech glass rosary with a plain Crucifix and center will be less expensive than the same beads, wire, jump rings with a more ornate Crucifix or special Saint or Marian center.

The beads shown in these items do not reflect the current market price. If you request a duplicate of something on this page (rather than the already made rosary pages with the purchase buttons - Rosaries: 1 2 3 4) I will have to quote you a price that will reflect the current market value of the beads and, in many cases, will be more than what is shown here. (Many of these were sold in 2009!)The prices shown here are for the beads that were used in the original item and are shown only for the DESIGN IDEAS. You can be certain that I will do my best to stay as close to these prices as I possibly can without losing money in the process :)

S=Silver tone - G=Gold tone - GP= Gold Plated - SP=Silver Plated~C=Corded ~ss=Stainless Steel ~AB=Aurora Borealis
~SS=Sterling Silver
Click Images for details

Items on this page are samples of my work and not readily available. If you like a design, me and we
can make something similar with your preferences of colors and materials.

  Raspberry/Snow Pearls
SP #303 $25 pic
Multi Color Czech Crystal with Cloisonné Paters 8mm beads, Scapular center St. Benedict Cross
GP $22.99
Lilac Pearl glass 6mm beads - 8mm Paters - MM Cross Center & Papal crucifix
G $12.99
Rhodonite Stone 6mm beads Sacred & Immaculate Hearts center
G $14.99
Teal Pearl Glass 6mm beads Crowned Heart/Marian center
S $12.99
Aqua Crackle Glass 8mm beads w/Acrylic Paters -Scapular center
S $14.99
Navy Blue Resin 6mm beads - with silver rosebud Pater beads
S $5.99
Pic 2 Leopardskin Jasper Rosary - 6mm beads with black nylon coated 22 gauge wire. This rosary features a filigree Miraculous Medal center piece with a San Damiano (Franciscan) crucifix.
STRETCHY ROSARY - Ruby acrylic 8mm beads with pink 4mm faceted acrylic roundells and golden accents.
Orange Cat's Eye 6mm beads topaz Czech crystal accents
GP $14.99
Mahogany Wood 9mm beads Knot Center w/St. Benedict Medal
C $5.99
Green Acrylic 6mm Faceted beads gold seeds - Marian wreath center
S $5.99
Evergreen Glass Pearls 6mm beads with silver capped Paters Our Lady Of Lourdes center, Liturgical Cross
S $12.99
Aqua Acrylic 9mm beads clear Pater accents - Scapular center
Natural Hemp C $4.99
Aqua Plastic/Acrylic 9mm beads - Rosebud Paters Our Lady of the Holy Rosary center - 2 tone crucifix
S $4.99
Hematite 6mm beads w/capped
Paters & blue glass accents
Scapular center
S 14.99
Autumn Jasper 6mm SP beads w/capped 8mm Sunrise Jasper
S $19.99

Holy Souls in Purgatory Chaplet 4mm Black Acrylic beads Purposely constructed with very small rough black beads to assist with penance
S $4.99
Silver Stardust 6mm beads with blue Paters - Scapular center & Liturgical Crucifix

S $10.99
White Acrylic 6mm Faux Pearls with Our Lady of Fatima center and Grape Crucifix

S $4.99

Blue Acrylic 9mm beads
Sturdy bonded cord. Scapular center & Traditional Crucifix

C $4.99

Lilac Pearl glass 6mm beads - 8mm Paters - Scapular center & closed Filigree Crucifix

S $12.99
St. Benedict Rosary
19 gauge wire holds weighty 8mm hematite beads. Capped Pater's, huge 3" Crucifix
S $29,99

Black Onyx 8mm beads w/10mm Cloissioné Paters -Our Lady of Guadalupe Center
SP $19.99

Cherry Quartz Rosary
6mm, capped Paters Miraculous Medal Cross center with closed Filigree Crucifix
GP $18.99

Aqua Swarovski 10mm beads Rosary
St.Francis/Anthony, Bascillica Cx
#30 SP $89.99

St. Michael the Archangel Chaplet
various 6mm beads (1semi-precious, 6glass, 1AB, 1resin, 1acrylic)
S $12.99

Pale Pink 8mm AB Acrylic beads with open halo MM center
#44 SP $7.99
Autumn Jasper 6mm SP beads w/capped 8mm Sunrise Jasper
#5 S $19.99
Aqua Czech glass w/frosted heart Paters, aqua enamel Crucifix
#36 G $14.99
St.Pio/Pardon Crucifix 6mm Swarovski Crystal~8mm Paters
#37 S $22.99
Blue Stardust 6mm beads with silver Paters - 4Way center
#20 S $10.99
Purple czech druk AB glass 8mm beads; black 22g black wire
#23 $12.99
Champagne Cathedral Czech Crystal 8mm beads, capped Paters
#28 GP $19.99
Lapis Lazuli 8mm beads w/cobalt Paters - Scapular Center
#32 GP $29.99
Pale Pink & Blue frosted quartz 6mm Heart Pro Life w/little feet
#41 SP $16.99
Lilac Czech glass 8mm pearl beads w/18mm Paters, 4Way & Trinity
#38 SP $16.99
Guardian Angel Chaplet 8mm Aqua crackled Czech glass. Guardian Angel medal with St. Michael on reverse with bonus Crucifix.
S $4.99 c4
Christmas Flex Rosary has 6&8mm green Czech glass beads flanked by red crystal accents. Stainless steel wire double crimped . $9.99 d6 Chaplet of the Five Wounds 8mm Ruby India Glass beads Two sided Enamel medals of Wounds & Our Lady of Sorrows Vintage design with original findings
S $12.99 c3
Medium Blue "Wonder" 8mm beads with 10mm Wooden Paters Rosary

$9.99 d4
Aqua Pressed Czech glass 8mm beads w/silver capped Paters
#26 SP $12.99
4&6mm Hematite Petals Full Rosary
Unique design 22 gauge tarnish resistant Silver Plated wire .
$19.99 d3
Wood Rosary
Round 10mm beads
St. Benedict Medal
#17 C $15.99
Lt. Sapphire Crystal AB Rosary 8mm faceted beadsr
#1 S $12.99
Purple Glass Rosary
AB 6mm beads
Our Lady of Fatima center
#7 G $12.99
Blue glass AB 6mm beads w/MM
center - Liturgical crucifix
#4 S $14.99
Pale Aqua Faux Pearl 9mm tear beads with Lourdes Water Center
#18 S $16.99
Teal 10mm Crackle glass beads
w/4mm accents, OLG center
#50 SP $16.99
Sesame Jasper with Onyx Paters all 6mm SP stones- St. Therese
#24 S $16.99
Grayish Fossile Glass 10mm beads 4 way center, Trinity Crucifix
#47 SP $12.99
Lt. Sapphire Jablonex Crystal 8mm
beads w/Tibetan silver connectors
#48 SP $25.00
Aqua Czech Crystal 10mm round beads, capped Pater's. NICE!
#46 SP $44.99
Aqua 8mm Swarovski Crystal Rondelles w/Pater spacers
#45 SP $66.99
Aqua Czech glass w/frosted heart Paters, aqua enamel Crucifix
#36 G $14.99
St. Michael the Archangel Chaplet
various 6mm beads (4 semi-precious, 4 glass, 1 AB acrylic)
S $12.99

Red 8mm Druk Czech beads w/crystal hearts-Mercy Rosary pic2
#19 S $12.99


Turquois Cat's Eye 6mm beads
St. Benedict crucifix and Scapular
#9 GP $12.99
Blue Crackle glass 10mm beads with capped paters - Vintage look
#25 G $15.99

Turquoise cat's eyes 8mm beads w/silver capped crackle Paters
#35 S $12.99

Papal Rosary Smokey black 9mm acrylic beads with Papal center & Crucifix. Pater's are 6mm free-floating blue acrylic beads in 12mm Hematite donuts.SP $12.99 d14
Czech Pink crackle glass 8mm beads, capped Pater's, grotto Miraculous Medal and matching ornate Crucifix
#71 SP $14.99
Galaxy Blue Pearl Glass 8mm
beads w/Marian Center
#8 S $12.99
St. Joseph Rosary w/peach aventurine & Swarovski capped Pater's 24KGE 2 tone Crucifix, full color St. Joseph & Child center with reverse Sacred Heart.
GP $22.99 d7
Peridot Jasper 6mm beads with Our Lady of Guadalupe center
#42 SP $12.99
Topaz Czech glass beads in 6 & 12mm w/accents on Pater's
#43 GP $12.99
Turquoise Resin 6mm drum beads w/capped Pater's
#66 SP $10.99
Pink Acrylic 8mm Hearts w/Trinity Crucifix & SH/IH Center
#72 SP $9.99
St Patrick Rosary Green 6mm czech pearl w/capped druk
#46 S $12.99
Lapis Lazuli 6mm beads w/cobalt Paters - Saucer Colalt Pater's w/gold accents.
#79 GP $22.99
Take up Your Cross Rosary
4mm Swarovski crystal with spacers and accents. Very unique piece and original design.
#d16 GP $24.99
Blueberry Quartz 6mm beads
Miraculous Medal & Trinity Cross
#31 SP $14.99
Purple AB Bi-cone FP Czech Glass 6mm beads w/blue heart Paters
#3 S $14.99
Aqua crackle glass 6mm beads w/cloisonné Pater's
#74 SP $14.99
Yellow Czech Druk 6mm beads with capped Pater's - Miraculous Medal center and Grape Crucifix
#83 GP $16.99
Deep Cobalt Blue 8mm beads Pocket Decade. Scapular center and Trinity Crucifix on 20g wire and findings to withstand daily use
#84 SP $6.99
Turquoise Italian Artisan 8mm cube beads w/lampwork Pater's
#64 SP $19.99
Burnt Red Czech Crackle glass 6mm w/capped Pater's
#81 SP $19.99

St. Therese Ruby Rosary This is a very large and heavy Rosary - Crucifix measures 2¼ inches. Overall length is 27 inches. 10 & 20mm Czech crackle glass & wrapped crystal Paters. SP $29.99 d17

Turquoise crackle 8mm beads - Spanish SH ctr
#90 SP $16.99
Brigittine Rosary (6 Decades, 7 Pater's) A truly unique, substantial Rosary measuring 34 inches to the tip of the Large 2¼ inch Crucifix. The scan does NOT do this Rosary justice.
SP d19 $54.95
Blueslate 6mm Oriental foil glass beads w/golden marbled swirls
#76 SP $14.99
Hematite 6mm beads with 12mm donut Paters & Scapular center
#51 SP $19.99 2nd pic
St. Patrick Rosary - Green Czech 8mm glass beads w/gold inlay #67 GP $19.99 The Divine Mercy Chaplet 6mm Red Czech crackle beads with beige bonded cord and large MM center
$14.99 c20
Pale Aqua cat's eye 6mm beads w/capped 12mm coin Pater's
#80 SP $19.99

St. Patrick Rosary
6mm green druk beads with capped Pater's
#103 SP $19.99

Job's Tears Rosary 9-10mm beads with large center & Crucifix

#105 SP $29.99 pic2

Lilac Glass Pearl 8mm beads capped Paters w/4mm accents #16 SP $14.99
Gold stardust 6mm beads with 12k GP 8mm Pater's - Pardon Crucifix #94 GP
Natural Wood 10mm rice beads - Large center and Crucifix #110
C $14.99 pic
Silver 8mm AB Hearts w/large MM center and 3mm accents on Paters
#55 SP $12.99
Teal Acrylic AB 8mm beads Marian Wreath
Center #12 S $8.99
Olive 6mm glass pearls w/19mm oval Serpentine Pater's
#109 SP $19.99 pic
Crystal Vitrail Ladder Rosary constructed with horseshoe links . Czech seeds run the length with brilliant Vitrail crystals & Rondelle Barrels aside the Pater's.
SP $45.99 d21SP
Sodalite 6mm beads w/acrylic SP accents on Pater's
#78 SP $19.99

Antique Brass Rosary w/8mm champagne glass pearls
#111 BR $
29.99 pic

Aqua Czech crystal 10mm beads Rosary St.Francis/Anthony,
#30 SP $59.99
24" 7 Decade Franciscan Crown Rosary w/10mm wood beads on strong cord and optional St. Pio medal.
#113 $29.99
Black Czech crackle 6mm beads with Cloisonné Paters
#87 SP $ 14.99
Purple Czech crackle glass 8mm beads w/stainless 22g wire #88 ss $18.99 Montana silver drawbench 8mm beads w/pewter capped Pater's. Large Miraculous Medal center and 3" St. Benedict Crucifix
#116 SP $24.99

Cranberry Rosary - 10mm Czech beads, capped Pater's about 26"
#82 SP $24.99

Turquoise 8mm crackle w/tube Pater's - MM Center #112 SP 14.99 pic
Lapis Lazuli 8mm beads with Denim Lapis capped Pater's on 22gauge wire
#118 GP $55
Black Onyx 6mm beads w/Sacred Heart Pater's & Marian/Child ctr #53 SP $16.99
Burnt Orange 8mm beads with silver flanked pony Pater's. Special Order pic
Corded $24.99

Lapis Lazuli 8mm beads with 8mm Swarovski Pater's with gold plated 3mm accents on 22gauge wire
#118 GP $60

Lilac Crackle Czech glass 6mm beads, caps, LaSalette cross
#29 S $12.99
St. Francis Rosary 6mm wood beads w/10mm capped Paters
#46 SP $14.99
Glow in the Dark Rosary Just over 2' long!
#117 $14.99 pic
Topaz 6mm Czech glass beads w/Swarovski Paters & accents
#57 GP $14.99
Lilac Pearl glass 8mm beads - capped Paters w/accents
#10 S $16.99
Pink Faux Mother of Pearl Corded Rosary - Striking Center #119 $12.99 pic Onyx 8mm beads w/20mm capped Pater's - Large MM Center #60 SP $24.99
Full Brass Components Ruby Crystal w/capped Pater's #104 SP 29.99
Blue Czech druk 6mm beads w/Paters in cages #59 SP $12.99 Corded Black wood 8mm beads w/2" St. Benedict Crucifix #137 $18.99 pic
Aqua Artisan Passion Rosary
SP $24.99 d18
Blessed Sacrament Chaplet
Wonderful devotion for spiritual Communion or any time! pic
SP $9.99 c26
Pink Cats Eye 8mm beads
Silver Capped Paters,
#14 S $14.99
Stars & Stripes Rosary - 6mm glass beads w/navy capped Pater's
#107 SP $14.99 pic2
6 Decade 7 Pater Brigittine Rosary
This is a substantial rosary measuring aproximately 33 Inches long.
SP $ 49.99 d22 pic
Pro Life Rosary- 6mm Czech beads w/Tibetan silver components #127 SP $18.99 pic1 2
St. Patrick Rosary - 8mm crackle beads w/clover Pater's #194 SP $19.00 pic1 2
Purple crackle Rosary Tibetan silver Mary & Child center
#205 SP $15 pic
Yellow Czech crackle glass 6mm beads -Sacred Heart ctr.
#89 SP $10.99
Glass pearls & Lampwork
Pardon Crucifix
#185 SP $20.00 pic1 2
Sunset Jasper 8mm beads
w/capped Pater's
#70 SP $17
Purple Iris AB glass 6mm beads w/heart Pater's
#91 SP $12.99
Gold drawbench/textured beads. Pewter caps w/Czech accents
#208 SP $27 pic1 2 3
Raspberry 8mm beads - OL Guadalupe center
#147 SP $17.00 pic
8mm Gunmetal glass pearls black tube Pater's w/Scapular #206 SP $18 pic1 2
Brigittine Rosary - Blue cobalt 6mm rice w/8mm capped saucers
#98 SP $24.99 pic1 2
Turquoise Sacred Heart Rosary Marbled glass Pater's #209 SP $16 pic1 2
8mm Brown Crackle Rosary w/Trinity Crucifix #197 SP $19.00 pic1 2
Crown of Thorns Rosary 8mm purple crackle beads #214 SP $16.00 pic
Marbled Peach Acrylic 10mm beads w/15mm puff SP hearts #62 SP $12.99
Pieta/Trinity Rosary 8mm beads w/pewter caps #217 SP $20 pic
Turquoise & Aqua 8mm beads 4mm bicone accents on Pater's #204 SP $18 pic1 2
Aqua 8mm Cat Eye's w/Czech Crackle Glass Pater's - wrapped #75 SP $15
St. Benedict - 8mm wood beads w/Benedict ctr & 2" Crucifix #123 $17.99 pic
Amethyst Hand blown Indian Artisan and Lampwork. Gorgeous! #143 SP $24.99 pic
Mixed Metals w/18KG Electroplate 3" St. Benedict Crucifix Pic #171 SP $25.00 Silver glass pearls w/Cloisonné Paters
#01sil GP $16
Frosted teal & Imperial Turquoise
Ornate CREED Crucifix
#184 SP $22.00 pic
Papal Ferula Rosary - Asian Artisan Crystal w/Ivory Pearls
#144 SP $25 pic
Amber Our Lady of Guadalupe 8mm crackle w/20mm Pater's pic1 2 3
#187 SP $23
Black Onyx 6mm SP beads with Cloisonné Paters - black 22g wire
#2 $17
Maroon Czech crackle glass 6 & 10mm beads, spacers & hearts
#63 SP $15
Aqua 12.5mm diamond cut pressed flat India glass over 24"
#73 SP $17.00
Pope Benedict Rosary 9mm Wood beads - Pope Benedict center.
#85 SP $16
Deep Garnet Mercy Rosary
red enamel DM center
#242 RC $22 pic
8mm acrylic AB lilac beads
Tibetan Silver components
#240 SP $16
St. Benedict Glass Pearl Rosary Champagne crackle Pater's
#210 SP $21 pic1 2
All Olive Wood Rosary 8mm beads w/accents #239 $30 pic1 2 3
8mm white pearl/Lampwork Crowned Thorn Heart center
#203 SP $19.00 pic1 2
Wooden relic San Damiano Rosary w/hardwood beads #226 c $22.00 pic1 2 Pink Czech crackle glass 8mm beads, foil Pater's Pic2
#97 SP $20
Wire Wrap Sacred Heart Rosary w/6mm aqua crackle, 7mm Artisan#126
SP $19 pic1 2
Bi-green & Lampwork Rosary per description #257 SP $22 pic Purple Mottled Drawbench w/Chapel components #255 SP $22 Pic1 2 Pink/Blue 6mm beads w/chain Pater's & Large Crucifix #93 SP $16
Macramé Our Lady of Grace 10mm Oriental Crystal #223 c $25 pic1 2
Green Tree Agate 6 & 8mm beads 20g wire, silver plated center
#132 SP $23 pic1 2
Macramé Holy Family Rosary AB Rosebud beads #222 c $20 pic
8mm steel midnight blue beads, corded, 2"Crucifix
c #253 $18 pic
8mm black glass pearls - CREED Crucifix, Chapel ctr
SP #252 $21pic
Blue 8mm Opaque pressed Czech glass - capped Pater's
#77 SP $20
10mm Ivory Glass Pearls w/St. Therese center & 20gauge wire
#136 SP $25 pic
Pink/Green Czech Crystal 6mm beads w/caps
#216 SP $23 pic1 2
Precosia crystal Rosary
6mm beads, Large Crucifix
#228 SP $18
Metal 'look' acrylic Rosary on cord w/Scapular center #11 S $9
Mixed Metals Drawbench Rosary w/wood
#249 SP $$22 pic1 2
8mm blue acrylics w/rose
petal Pater's #207 SP $13 pic
Purple/Blue Frosted Czech glass w/Milifioré Pater's #230 sp $18 pic1 2
Blue Crackle Glass 6mm beads w/medal Pater's
#58 SP $14
Hospital Safe faux MoP/Cats Eye - choice of colors
c #260 $11
Hospital safe St. Benedict Rosary 6mm beads
#278 c $14
Lusterous black resin MoP beads w/Lampwork Pater's
#267 REW $25 pic

Holy Family Cobalt 6mm rice beads/capped rondells

SP #27 $12
OL Grace/Aqua Stardust Rosary
SP #196 $20 pic 2
Matching Beaded Cross Rosary
6mm beads as described in pic
SP #106 $19 pic 2
Multi stardust acrylic Ave's
w/pressed glass Paters'
#188p SP $18.00 pic
Aqua flex Rosary
steel cable & crimps 2" Crucifix
Flx #100 $18 pic 2
Immaculate Heart Rosary; sparkle accents, polished flat cable chain; Creed Crucifix SP #301 $25
Cherry and Rose Quartz Rosary w/pink Crucifix
SP #131 $22 pic 2
Corded Rosary w/seed beads. Large center & Cx.
C #264 $18
10mm Pro Life Rosary
pink/blue beads, cradle connectors
SP #61 $24
8mm Olive Wood Rosary
Choice of center & Crucifix
#236 SP $23
6mm Pro Life Rosary w/little feet charm
SP #127 $18pic 2
St. Benedict/Marian Rosary
SP #192 $25 pic 2

Items on this page are samples of my work and not readily available. If you like a design, email me and we can make something similar with your preferences of colors and materials.

9" Millefiore Rosary Bracelet
22g black wire compliments this larger style millefiore bracelet with dainty Tibetan Silver Crucifix
$12 b77
Black Silky Cord Macramé Bracelet
2mm thick black silken cord with lobster clasp. Simple, yet elegant. pic
$10 c b107
LOVE Cuff Bracelet!
Dainty with simple hook and eye closure. Various metals and gauges available. $6 b84
8½" Lampwork bracelet and earrings set.Flex wire bracelet with magnetic closure. Surgical steel ear wires.
$10 s810
Double Decade Memory Wire Rosary Bracelet 8mm Pink Czech crackle Ave's with matching b'fly Cloisonné Pater
ss $7.00 b47
Czech Crackle Ring
Size: 6½ pic
GP $6.00 r2
Fire & Ice Bracelet & Earrings Set
plated surgical steel with rubber backs. Pic
$12.00 s11
ADD A BEAD Bangle Bracelet Standard size 7½-8" silver plated bangle. End ball easily screws off to permit you to change beads to match any outfit! Pic1 2
SP $15 b105
Czech druk & Cat's Eye Ring
Gold plated stainless steel
Size: 8 pic
GP $5.00 r3
Simple Bangle Bracelet
Simple Bangle design Silver Plated wire as described in picture. pic
SP $7.00 b81
Copper Swirl Ring Hard to tell it's an adjustable ring!
Shown size: 7½ pic1 2
Cp/GP $8.00 r10
Sterling Cocktail Ring-This is a great thumb or index finger ring! Size 9/10. Adjustable Pic1 2 3 4
SS $12.00 r1
Aqua Dangle Ring Novelty chain dangle ring in aqua tones or your choice of color. Per description. Pic1 2
Size 8 SP $5.00 r7
Wire Sculptured Sterling Silver Wrap
.925 sterling prong setting w/brilliant sparkle! Size: 6
SS $12.00 r20
Ebony & Ivory 3 Piece Set Elegant and classy never goes out of style. Pic1 2
$34.00 s12
Macramé Rosary Bracelet Very sturdy bracelet can also double as arm band or anklet.Pic
$15 b97
Adjustable Chalcedony Bracelet
8mm blue chalcedony w/12mm lampwork. Lobster claw clasp adjusts from 7-9" Pic1 2
SP $9.99 b73
Memory Wire Rosary Necklace
Turquoise, crystal and Tibetan Silver necklace that will never lose its shape. Just ask! About 11 inches to the tip of the Trinity Crucifix.

ss $19.99 n6
Funky Punky Retro Ruby Copper Ring
20gauge copper wire & 25mm ruby gem make this a really fun piece! Size: Pic1
Cp $6.00 r19
8" Rosary Bracelet
Constructed with 22gauge silver plated wire this elegant piece consists of 6mm black onyx capped Ave's and an 8mm lapis lazuli capped Pater.Crucifix & Miraculous Medal.
Peace Wheel Decade
4mm Autumn Jasper beads surrond a 6mm Pater of the same. Gem qualities: instills calm and inhibits negative thoughts.
S $6.99
24" Satin Rosary Necklace
2mm Chocolate silky Satin Cord holds 10 free flowing 12mm Drum Wood beads comprising the decade. Another bead of the same dangles for the Pater which also holds the 2inch fligree antique gold tone Crucifix.
C $6.99 n4
8" Rosary Bracelet Bronze & Gold Czech Glass 6mm Pearls with topaz Czech glass accents and capped Pater. Miraculous Medal and Grape Crucifix. Link & chain. Lobster claw clasp.
G $6.99
8" Rosary Bracelet Black Onyx 6mm beads with red crystal accents. Miraculous Medal and Liturgical Crucifix. Link & chain. Toggle clasp
S $6.99
"Stretchy" Rosary Bracelet L Red Acrylic 8mm beads with pink and clear accents. Cross and St. Michael Medal with Guardian Angel on reverse side.
"Stretchy" Rosary Bracelet M Pale Sapphire Czech glass AB 8mm beads with acrylic accents. Colors reflect the Pro Life Movement. Small cross and St. Benedict Medal
C $6.99
"Stretchy" Rosary Bracelet L Teal Acrylic AB 6mm beads with pink and gold accents. Medal added per your request.

"Stretchy" Rosary Bracelet M Pale Sapphire Czech glass AB 8mm beads with metallic look acrylic accents.

Medal added per your request.

8" Rosary Bracelet
10mm black based Cloisonné beads with lobster claw clasp.
Medal added per your request.

Corded Rosary Bracelet
This generously sized knotted mocha cord bracelet is simple and functional. About 8 inches, it will slide over a large hand without stress.
7½ inch Rosary Bracelet
Combination 6mm round onyx and oval Hematite beads compliment each other nicely in this silvery decade with Crucifix and Miraculous Medal.
Memory Wire Bracelet
One decade Rosary Bracelet with Aqua 8mm czech crystal AB beads and 6mm acrylic accents. Pater is 10mm purple crackle glass. Fits very comfortably on large wrist.

S $7.99 b27
Pope Benedict Key Chain. Amethyst button 4mm beads with navy Czech glass accents compose this sturdy stainless steel wired decade keychain with Pope Benedict XVI medal.
$3.99 k7
St. Rita Bookmark
Beads are 6mm: lime cat's eye, blueberry quartz and gold acrylic.
GP $5.99 bk1
Pro-Life Bookmark
3mm-9mm aqua, pink and clear acrylic beads with "tiny feet" charm.
SP $3.99 bk2
Pro-Life Bangle Rosary Bracelet
9mm aqua and 3mm pink acrylic beads adorn this silver plated bangle bracelet with ball and hook closure. Pater is 8mm teal faceted acrylic with AB finish.
$6.99 b1
8 Inch Rosary Bracelet
6mm deep blue based Cloisonné beads with fancy toggle clasp.
Miraculous Medal and Grape Crucifix finishes off this very dainty rosary bracelet
SP $8.99 b9

Memory Wire Christmas Bracelet
One decade Rosary Bracelet with 6mm green druk czech glass Ave's and 8mm Red Pearl Druk.Bracelet alone: $6.99 b25 -Bracelet & Earrings Set: $9.99 s3

Memory Wire Decade Bracelet 8mm czech crystal AB beads and 6mm acrylic accents. Pater is 10mm purple crackle glass. All beads are capped with silver bali. Fits very comfortably on large wrist.
S $7.99 b27
Decade Necklace
6mm faux lapis lazuli beads flanked by golden accents and 4mm faux lapis embelishments with gold plated chain. 20gauge Nylon coated wire is strong and won't tarnish. Crown of Thorns Heart center piece and Grape Crucifix.
$9.99 n2
Rosary Necklace
Genuine amethyst 4mm beads rosary necklace constructed with 22 gauge tarnish resistant wire w/cloisonné Paters. Eucharistic Chalice center
$12.99 n1
Holy Family Bracelet
Memory Wire Christmas Bracelet with 9mm red and 6mm green acrylic beads and golden accents. 2 Sided full color medal of the Holy Family.
S $7.99 b31
Rosary Bracelet
Full 5 decade Rosary with 6mm Teal Glass Pearls and accents. Paters are 8mm faceted Czech AB Crystal, silver capped with additional Czech accent spacers. Crucifix and Miraculous Medal finish up this no clasp, easy on/off bracelet that will never lose its shape!
S $10.99 b23 2nd pic
Auto Rosary Bracelet
Czech 8mm Lt Sapphire beads w/6mm AB sapphire accents. Fully adjustable hook/eye closure that can be fastened to accommodate any length about 10"
S $6.99
3 Piece Lilac Rosary Set 8mm Lilac czech pearls adorn this necklace, bracelet & earrings Set. Strong decorative silky smooth stainless steel wire for the bracelet and necklace 19" . w/surgical french hook earrings
S 3 Piece Set: $19.99 s2

Bracelet alone: $9.99
7 Inch Christmas Rosary Bracelet
Stunning 8mm Ruby Czech Melon beads with 6mm druk green and 4mm red accents. Capped Pater with sterling silver wire crimped with wire guards and magnetic clasp. 2nd pic of set
Bracelet & Earrings Set: $13.50 xset1

Flexible wire bookmarks adjusts to accommodate different widths of bindings. Silver or gold plated, gems as described. St. Pio: 6mm beads in cobalt and acrylic gold with St. Pio medal
GP $4.99 bk3

Flexible wire bookmarks adjusts to accommSt. Therese: 6mm Czech glass sapphire AB beads with golden accents. Medal & cross.
GP $5.99 bk4
Holy Spirit Decade Bracelet
6mm Czech crackle glass alternates with 9mm acrylic beads. Three additional spacer beads lead to the Pater which has silver plated caps. Strong 20 gauge red nylon coated wire, magnetic clasp and enamel Holy Spirit medal on this 8" bracelet.
SP $9.99
Memory Wire Decade Bracelet
8mm Turquoise Artisan Glass cube beads with aquamarine Czech glass accents. Cross and accents on Pater are Tibetan silver.
SP $7.99 b34
Stretchy Links Decade Bracelet
Lilac & Sapphire 6mm acrylic beads with czech glass tube accents and 9mm red Pater bead; completed with a small golden cross.
GP $6.99 b30
"Stretchy" Rosary Bracelet L
Topaz Acrylic 9mm beads with acrylic rosebud accents & clear accents on the Pater buds with Eucharistic cross.
$2.99 b10
8½" Rosary Bracelet
Tones of aqua in this 8mm cat's eye, Czech glass and 6mm AB acrylic beads. Silver toned with toggle clasp, light Miraculous Medal and Tibetan silver cross.

S $7.99 b13
Memory Wire Rosary Bracelet
Turquoise 6mm faceted artisan glass beads with 4mm czech glass accents and 10mm Lampwork bead Pater. Cross/medal added per request.
S $8.99 b39
7 5/8 Rosary Bracelet
10mm Czech Crystal faceted beads make up this elaborate Rosary Bracelet topped off with a faceted 20mm capped Pater. Silver plated wire, dangling cross, caps & accents with 20 gauge wire.

SP $10.99 b42
8 Inch Bracelet
8mm silver Czech glass pearls on 20 gauge silver plated wire. Delicate Crucifix and strong magnetic clasp. Gold and silver accents with 2 4mm Swarovski Crystals on the Pater &.
SP $9.99 b40
Citrine Decade Rosary Bracelet
10mm Citrine cubed czech glass with brown 20 gauge wire, magnetic clasp and large Our Lady of Grace Medal.
GP $7.99 b36
7 3/4" Swarovski Rosary Bracelet
6x9mm Silver Plated tripple chain with 6mm Swarovski Crystals & 8mm Pater. Grape Crucifix and Miraculous Medal finish off this stunning piece completed with an elegant toggle clasp.
$12.99 b11
7¾ Inch Bracelet
8mm Bronze Czech glass pearls on 20 gauge gold plated wire. The Pater 'group' consists of an 8mm silver czech glass peal flanked by 2 and 6mm gold czech glass pear beads.
GP $9.99 b38
Purple Choker Full Rosary Necklace Combination Memory Wire and 7 Strand Satin Stainless wire. Czech crackle beads, Acrylic SP accents w/Tibetan silver
$19.99 b9
8 Inch Rosary Bracelet
8mm Hematite beads flanked with Tibetan silver tube beads and 5 Way Cross.
SP $14.99 b46
Memory Wire Rosary Bracelet Full Rosary with 4mm Genuine Aventurine Ave's and 6mm Pater's. Czech aqua glass spacers throughout
S $9.99 b24
Memory Wire USA Decade Bracelet 9mm acrylic beads in the colors of the USA adorn with Tibetan silver cross and Cloisonné Butterfly Pater.
S $9.99 b29
Memory Wire Rosary Bracelet
6mm Czech purple AB glass beads with lilac acrylic accents and Czech glass accents. Pater is Czech purple glass AB bi-cone and finished with Tibtan silver Crucifix.
S $7.99 b32
Memory Wire Rosary Bracelet Double decade Rosary Bracelet with 6mm topaz czech pressed glass Ave's and capped 12mm Pater. Beads are with clear
ss $7.99 b26
Czech Purple Crackle Necklace 20 gauge nylon coated wire secures this rosary necklace w/6mm deep purple czech crackle glass beads. The 10mm Pater's are wire wrapped with a decorative slash.
B $19.99 n3 2nd pic
Memory Wire Rosary Bracelet Italian Artisan glass 8-12mm beads and Millefiore chips adorn this decade bracelet with a 10mm Lampwork bead for a Pater. All flanked with 3mm SP beads.
ss b44 $9.99
8 Inch Onyx Rosary Bracelet 7 Strand Silver Stainless Steel wire holds the beautiful 8mm semi-precious onyx stones securely.
S $9.99 b21
3 Piece Rosary Decade Set with stainless steel satin wire, magnetic clasps and as described in picture
ss/SP $34.99 s5
Millefiori Memory Wire Rosary Bracelet Black 8mm millefiore beads flanked by chips of the same. Very nice piece! pic

ss $15.99 b64

Sterling Silver Rosary Bracelet Christmas Rosary Bracelet with Jablonex and Czech crystal. pic1
SS $19.99 b6

Stretchy Bracelet
Aqua mother of pearl 10mm coins w/8mm red crackle glass and 12mm acrylic red heart.


8 Inch Rosary Bracelet
6mm Hematite beads on this dainty and elegant rosary bracelet. A Crown of Thorns center piece and Traditional Crucifix - finished off with a lobster claw clasp
$9.99 b2
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